OVH Public Cloud Automation For WHMCS module is out!

Dear VPSBoard users!

We (WHMCSModule Networks aka are excited to present you today with our completely brand new module for WHMCS named OVH Public Cloud Automation for WHMCS!

Developed with all the features that a Cloud instance required along with no need to worried about any password and features are:

  • Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate of the Instance
  • Change Package - Resizing/ Upgrade of package
  • Start/Stop/Rebuild/ View noVNC of the Instance
  • Soft/Hard Reboot Server
  • Rescue/Unrescue Server
  • View Instance Status And Details
  • View Interfaces Details with Failover
  • View Volumes Information
  • Provide Product Configurations
  • Choose Default VM Image/Flavor/Region
  • Provide Random Domain Prefix
  • Enable Auto-generation SSH Key
  • Firewall Settings: - Enable/Disable & Apply Custom Rules
  • Download Private SSH Keys
  • View Bandwidth Usage Information
  • View Server Status And Details
  • Start/Stop/Rebuild of the Instance
  • Soft/Hard Reboot of the Instance
  • Rescue/Unrescue/ View noVNC of instance
  • View/Add/Delete Custom Firewall Rules
  • Download Private SSH Keys
  • View Volumes Information
  • Receive Email Notification After VM Creation
  • View Bandwidth Usage Information
Support other brands - SoYouStart/ Kimsufi/ OVH with different region

Eager to get to know the your feedback that required for improvement further.