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  1. HN-Matt

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    Dec 19, 2013
    ... hosts unmanaged virtual private servers via OVH/Montreal and Fiberhub/Vegas. What's new in this offer? I'm pleased to announce that, as of May 2015, Ellipsis Node is now accepting Stripe! [​IMG]

    So, without further ado, some new un/metered offers for late May.

    From $1? If your curiosity is piqued, why not try an Ellipsis Node vps for $1? To do so, select '$1 trial' from the subscription drop-down menu. I'll send you an invoice for $1 and give you a vps to play around with for a week. If it's not what you're looking for, simply cancel before/at the end of the week and I'll refund the dollar. If you're satisfied and would like to renew, I'll send you a new invoice and we'll go from there.

    Will I get my dollar back if I choose to renew? You'll receive a partial refund for $1 after renewing the vps.

    Specs? E5-1620, E5-1650, X3470 & E3-1230 servers with SATA HDD. RAID 1 in MTL, no RAID in LV. Each vps comes with 1 IPv4 address, SolusVM and lots of OS to choose from.

    DDoS protection? OVH's anti-DDoS mitigation and Fiberhub's basic protection (10Gbps / 2Mpps).

    Unmetered? No overage fees, but your vps will be suspended upon reaching its limit (9Mbps = ~3TB / month, et cetera).

    9Mbps max? 100Mbps in MTL, 10Mbps in LV. Upgrades are available for the following one-time fees:
    10Mbps - $1
    20Mbps - $2
    30Mbps - $3
    40Mbps - $4
    50Mbps - $5
    60Mbps - $6
    70Mbps - $7
    80Mbps - $8
    90Mbps - $9
    100Mbps - $10

    Extra IPs? $9 / IPv4 / year or $1 / month. Geolocated American IPs are available. IPv6 = free.

    Daily backups? $1 / year.

    What do you mean by 'unmanaged'? I mean vps/containers aren't entered into without your consent and support isn't provided re: software errors/configuration/bugs/etc. At the same time there are multiple techs standing by and I'm often willing to attempt 'best effort' support.

    Why Ellipsis Node? No bad reviews?

    Can I pay monthly? Yep, it's $3.33 per month for every plan.

    Is X allowed? See the Terms.

    Test IP/files? http://mtl.ellipsisno.de & http://lv.ellipsisno.de

    Further inquiries? PM or [email protected] Tailor-made plans (i.e. > 999MB RAM) and subscriptions are available via http://ellipsisno.de/build/. Thanks for your interest!
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  2. HN-Matt

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    Dec 19, 2013
    The Vegas offers are no longer available.
  3. William

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    Oct 10, 2013
    Why 2Mbps=2TB? 2Mbps are ~660GB.
  4. HN-Matt

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    Dec 19, 2013
    @William to encourage those who want unmetered bandwidth to upgrade. Read on and you'll see that it costs almost nothing for a 10Mbps upgrade which is ~3.3TB.

    On the other hand, some may not need more than 2Mbps. Or someone may want 2TB burstable to 1Gbps instead of an unmetered upgrade. Lots of choices.