Patrookzok V1 - AIO system - information


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(Patrookzok V1 Information):

Billing - WHMCS native features on client side

Core Site - This is a place for your website, it'll be a CMS integrated into the sytem to enable this

Virtualization - Built-in Virtualization Panel for OpenVZ and KVM. (Note: XEN is not planned at this time, however may be implanted in the future).

DediMgr - (Note: this feature is beta and will have bugs) DediMgr is a one-click system to reimage physical servers to any operating system. This will help lots for if you rent out servers or just want to reimage your servers.

Core Admin - Full admin over billing, main site, servers, etc.

Pros: AIO system (except it doesn't have Web Host Management Panel at this time, check out NEON if you want free panel for it), PayPal/2Checkout/Authorize.NET/Stripe integrated, bitpay (will be for download from site), Based on CodeIgniter Framework, fully supported for php 5.4 and above, very cheap (15 days free trial :: $5 monthly - $50 yearly - $150 owned :: all licenses are unbranded (except for free trial license), 99% source code, easy to expand on and soo much more.

Cons: It costs $5 per month or $50 yearly/$150 owned

Autopilot: Autopilot is a feature which will enable the native live support module and active Casper, Casper can do tickets and live support, it uses triggers from knowledgebase and past issues that have been resolved in Caspers memory. Judging by your input to Casper it will read though KB, custom entries and will also review past history logs of chats to see if there is a similar issue. It also will read though notices/announcements. Casper has a 5-exaused limit, if he does not solve it within 5 triggers, he will simply pass it to a real agent(if live support, if in ticket he'll set it to status of: [TICKET #_____] [CASPER ESCALTED] Subject).

Easy to use/modify: Our software is designed to be easy to use/modify, so w'ell provide full documentation and where everything is in the files, plus a license validation system on our home site. Licenses can be reissued as many times as you want, however only installed once on a domain, which is also IP-locked. We do not lock it to a directory, so it can be moved on the domains directory to where-ever you want.

Call home: Call home is simply a feature to check if your license is still valid and if its not it sends us a signal stating its not, which triggers a email to the registered license owner, if after 24 hours from its last call home its still not valid, then it locks you out of the admin panel until its fixed.

Talk: Talk is a beta feature we're working on. As a customer from us, you'll be able to claim a Talk system, which allows you to speak with your customers without having to call in to a number, it lets you do it right from the site.

Double-Checker: You can enable this via Admin CP. Double-checker will deny any orders to be processed if there is an unpaid invoice.

ONYD: ONYD(short for: Oh no you didn't) is a module designed to stop fraud and prevent repeated fraud. It monitors the site activity by each user, if it detects a pattern to be risky to possible fraud, or in a high risk country, it will allow order process but issue a force required manual confirmation. If it is determined to be fraud it will save the pattern and if another person takes the same pattern, it won't let the order be processed, will open ticket and notify staff.

Free bonus: All licensed members (not including free-trial members) have the option of having the billing panel being hosted remote with us(filtered, cPanel provided) or being self-hosted (all customers can claim a free ddos filtered reverse proxy for the billing panel, for example: would route though us to your server but filtering out Layer 4 and best-effort Layer 7 attacks up to 20Gbps).

Extras: We'll offer a free development license, however it will be remote hosted via us and all payment processing will be disabled to prevent it being used in production.

Release Date: No official date set, however we will be needing beta-testers in about 1-2 months.