Perfect VPS Node Special! -- NYC - E3-1270v2 + LSI RAID10 + Upto /25 IPv4 FREE! -- Just $229/Month


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Hello Everyone,

Quite a limited deal < 10 Servers to be provisioned. We're passing on these savings to new Start-ups in the VPS World.

Good to see something Non-Colocrossing right? :p

These servers will be hosted in Lower Manhattan, New York w/ Zayo/Abovenet & GTT Bandwidth.

New York City VPS Node:

- Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 4x 3.5Ghz w/ HT


- 4x 1TB SATA 7.2k Disks

- LSI MegaRaid 9260-4i - RAID 10 w/ BBU

- 10,000GB Bandwidth Monthly 

- 100Mbps Uplink

- Upto /25 IPv4 Included (126 IP's) ---> WITH JUSTIFICATION!

- Remote IPMI/KVM Included

- Semi-Managed Support (We do the basic setup/configuration for VPS providers)

- Available @ 100 William Street, New York, NY

Price Monthly: $229.00/Month

Looking for a longer term? We can have a talk on prices! :)

Ordering: Email: [email protected]

Additional Info: These servers can also be set-up in different locations, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Pheonix, AZ, Dallas.

If you don't mind where your hosted and would accept a "First Available" location we'll reduce your invoice by $15!

Setup Time: Ok so it's not instant neither is it completed the same day (Unless the H/W is available!) but all servers are provisioned within 1 - 3 Business days. Only reason being, its all brand spanking new hardware which is being delivered & racked up so we have to take into consideration delivery times. Don't worry though! Your services start date will be the date it's provisioned.

Refunds: No refunds are provided on Dedicated Servers due to the costs of buying, racking and setting up each system it surpasses the overall first months costs.Our network & powere is backed by a 100% Uptime SLA so you won't have any issues.


- $10.00/Month cPanel/WHM VPS Licenses ($5 Cheaper!)

- $8.95/Month Blesta v3 Licenses 

- Used up all those IP's? Don't worry we can give you another /25 for $19.95/Month!

- Server Management -- We can provide various management solutions, please contact us for specifics.

REMINDER: We require proper justification for IP address space, we require the need for atleast 25% of all IP space. If you can't meet the 25% we'll provide you the IP space as you go along in smaller blocks.

Have a great day & don't forget to shoot us an email!



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We've sold over 5 different nodes so far.

We'll be providing a slightly different lineup for those interested with a little less of a budget ;)
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>- Don't Worry about Buffalo, come to New York City! 

Definitely is a better choice for people looking at "New York" and get stuck with a thousand and 1 buffalo hosts. :p
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Offer has discontinued.

Thank you to those who signed up with us.

We've got some interesting deals coming soon ;)