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sub runSsh {
  my $command = shift;
  my $output;

  my $cmdOut = `ssh -o strictHostKeyChecking=no -l $user -i $keyFile $routeServer \"ping -c4\" `;
Any idea why $cmdOut is blank?


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It's might be one of those tedious quote level things.

You could try this to get a sense of what exactly is happening:

my $cmdOut = `set -x && ssh -o strictHostKeyChecking=no -l $user -i $keyFile $routeServer \"ping -c4\" 2>&1`;
That will make the shell echo - unfortunately, you'll get that in $cmdOut but at least you can see what it does.


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We'll that actually fixed it.
If so then then whatever output you want to grab is actually going to STDERR instead of STDOUT.  That's what 2>&1 does - it says "take whatever is going to file descripter 2 (standard error) and send it to file descripter 1 (standard output) instead" - effectively merging stderr and stdout.

You could probably get rid of the set -x though...that just turns on shell tracing.