Personal Arguments


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Im watching Curtis G on teamviewer decrypt the db contents, ddos, and hack into 24khost at the same time, its so funny to see


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ok, I will since your also using code from solus in your control panel and billing panel that you have connected to a database on your computer, that when you entered details on another server, it went into your db


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I think this thread should just be closed.  If there is anymore real news about this, I think we can open a new thread, or even better, post it in the cest pit.  There is enough CVPS PR threads open here already.



Yes, please do since Curtis G is being a d-bag again


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... The fuck?

netnub is CurtisG

CurtisG called out Johnathan Snyder, and someone else for running hosts that were stealing.

They turned this into a personal argument.

Finally they are both talking shit to make themselves look bigger.

Repeat last step.



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So I think if all is as I read, @johnnyd95 and @netnub should team up.  Hacker getting hacked. Doh!

Better get some milk for your Hacker Jacks. Dry cereal in the morning sucks skids.
I think someone's mommy just needs to abuse the fuck out of their child already, perhaps by tossing them into an oncoming lane of traffic or such.