Plesk market share compared to cPanel


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Hello everyone

I know Plesk has been out for quite a while, but I have never gotten a chance to really use it. Cpanel appears to be the more popular panel, at least that is what it looks like to me. Word is also out that the same company which put money into Plesk, also put money into cPanel.

Would anyone know if there is a big difference in market share between these two panels?


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I don't have a clue about market share, but if you have a choice of the two, why not go with the one that has the most support documentation, a great support Forum, and an excellent product that has been proven over times and times, consistently over a very long time. I've been working with WHM/cpanel for a few years. I don't think Plesk is a serious consideration in comparison.


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The only reason people go for Plesk is because it has Windows support. cPanel leads the market as it is user friendly and more stable than Plesk


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Yes a lot of users prefer Plesk for Windows. cPanel is well known for its excellent features, support, flexibilty and user friendly interface. A beginner can easily get used to with the cPanel interface.


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The huge rise pf cPanel prices would make many hosting services to move on to other panels like Plesk or even some custom ones.