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It is not so easy for the people or organization searching for the best service providers for their VPS hosting services if they don't have enough knowledge about products the market is full of competitors to serve our requirement. All service providers design different hosting plans with different features with attractive price and offers. But there are certain things/points which need to be considered while looking for VPS hosting which are given below:

1. Configuration: Get the refine idea of configuration like RAM, CPU, storage space and bandwidth that best suits your requirement.

2. Uptime: The mandatory thing is Uptime if you want serve your customer best online services. All providers promise 99.99% uptime, but just ask them repeatedly what are the backups if any issue comes and server gets down.

3. Price: Search for the best and affordable price according to your budget.

4. Technical Support: Last but not least always ask for the best customer support which can serve 24/7 services.

5. Additional Features: Never hesitate in asking for some other or addition offers.

Good luck for your services and business.... :)

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So, #1 configuration - well most of the configs you'll get for lowend price are oversold.

#2 uptime, many companies promise 99.9% uptime, but most don't have SLA, so they're just telling you basically expect downtime and don't complain

#3 Price, again as #1 stated, for lowend price it's oversold so it'll be cheap and slow

#4 technical support - well, if you don't know how to use a vps with linux than read up on it, otherwise fork over some money for managed support / or get a windows vps if you only know how to use windows.

#5 additional features - well, most companies don't offer additional features, however BuyVM is one of the good companies who have unique features like ddos filtering, they just added free backup storage of 5GB I believe, etc. so those are nice features, but most companies won't really offer any features like that.