Power Up Hosting - Los Angeles/Dallas/New Jersey Dedicated Servers - E3-1320v2 8GB RAM @ $67/m & E5-

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    Nov 6, 2015
    Power Up Hosting, Inc. is a United States based company located in Los Angeles registered under the laws of California. Built with power, redundancy and top quality support, choosing Power Up Hosting would always going to be one of your best decisions. 

    Power Up Hosting was recently featured in the #StartUp section of Inc. Magazine and got mentioned on Forbes Magazine

    About our Los Angeles Datacenter:
    Our servers are colocated with Wilcon Datacenter that is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles opposite One Wilshire. With 100% Uptime for the past 2 and half years straight, you can never go wrong. Comes with DDoS Protection.

    About our Dallas Datacenter:
    Our servers are colocated with Carrier-1 Datacenter that is located in Dallas, Taxes. This was started about three months and comes with DDoS protection and highly redundant network. 

    About our New Jersey Datacenter:
    Our servers are colocated with IO Datacenter that is located in Edison, New Jersey. This location was launched by us almost nine months ago. 

    Some of the attracting Features:

    - 100% Owned Hardware (We are not resellers)
    - Tier 4 Datacenter
    - Built on 100% SSD
    - 100% Uptime
    - Complete In-house support
    - Avg. Ticket response time: 5-15 minutes
    - 24x7x365 Support

    Our Awesome Reviews:


    Dedicated Servers Deal #1

    E3-1230v2 @ 3.3Ghz with Max Turbo Boost up to 3.7Ghz
    8 CPU
    8 GB RAM
    120GB SSD
    100 Mbps Network Port(Now Unmetered)
    Unmetered Inbound bandwidth
    1 IP Address

    Price: $67/month + $27/OneTime Setup Fees
    Direct Purchase Link: Click Here to purchase now

    Dedicated Servers Deal #2

    E5-2670 @ 2.6GHz with Max Turbo Boost up to 3.3Ghz
    16 CPU
    16GB RAM
    120GB SSD
    100 Mbps Network Port (Now Unmetered)
    Unmetered Inbound bandwidth
    1 IP Address

    Price: $97/month+ $27/OneTime Setup Fees
    Direct Purchase Link: Click Here to Make a Direct Purchase

    Payment Accepted:

    Dwolla (US Customers Only)
    Direct Bank Transfers


    Q) Where do you have your servers located?
    - We have our servers in Los Angeles, Dallas & New Jersey (On Request).

    Q) What's the Setup Time?
    - About 24 hours in Los Angeles, could take longer in Dallas & New Jersey depending on the availablility. 

    Q) Do we customize the server configuration?
    - Of course we do! We are not OVH; we thrive to provide a unique setup to our customers. Contact us at [email protected] or add us on Skype: poweruphosting

    Q) Will you guys provide us with the migration support? 
    - Of course, we will, that too for no additional cost. We have a unique migration team that will help you to migrate from your old hosting's cPanel account to our Awesome new SSD Hosting cPanel account when you grab your cPanel/WHM license copy either by yourself or via us.

    Q) Are you guys resellers?
    - We are not resellers. We are not renting cheap servers from xx company and then reselling it to anyone. We have our own redundant Tier 1 Network & Hardware. You are dealing directly with a REAL HOSTING COMPANY.

    Q) Which Virtualization Technology are you using?
    - We are using KVM with little customization on our end.

    Q) I am looking to grab a custom configuration that you guys are not selling, do you guys provide such a service?
    - Yes, we do. We buy our servers directly from Manufacturers. Let us know the hardware configuration you are looking for and we will order and deploy the server for you.

    Q) Can you guys provide custom clusters? 
    - We specialize setting up clusters. Get in touch with us at [email protected] or Skype: poweruphosting

    Q) Do you provide Colocation? 
    - Yes, we do. Please contact us on Skype: poweruphosting

    Q) Do you provide a lease to buy server option? 
    - If you are the US located then yes, we do. Please contact us on Skype: poweruphosting

    Q) Do you offer discounts for bulk quantity? 
    - We are sorry, we have already discounted all the profits, and we are making peanuts, so no matter if you are buying one server or hundred servers, the pricing remains the same.

    Q) Are these unmanaged servers? 
    - No, these are semi-managed and yet affordable.

    Q) When did you guys incorporate your business?
    - We incorporated our business in 2012 under the laws of California, USA.

    Q) What's your refund policy?
    - No refund would be made once you made the purchase.

    Q) Are you accepting affiliates?
    - If you can help us promote Dedicated Servers then get in touch with us at [email protected] or add us on Skype: poweruphosting and depending upon the sales and conversion, we would be happy to work out on a custom % with you.

    Q) I am looking to resell your servers, do you offer white label reselling?
    - We have a broad range of programs and options for companies and individuals who are to resell our servers. We can help you customize and set up any configuration you are looking for. Simply get in touch with us at [email protected] or add us on Skype: poweruphosting

    P.S. Amsterdam & Singapore servers coming up very soon..

    You can even find us on Social Media:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/poweruphosting
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/poweruphosting
    Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/ PoweruphostingLosAngeles/about
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/poweruphosting