Providers who own their IP addresses

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Why so? :)

Haven't heard anything, just interested what do you have in mind?
When I was going to apply for a job there I spoke with a few of the techs hoping to get an idea of the company and get somebody who could vouch for me, luckily I spoke with them before I put my application in though.

The biggest issue they had working there was the constant complaints from clients about their IPs always being blacklisted because the owner would use the clean IPs for his spamming servers and then once the IPs were blacklisted he would switch them with clean ones and put the blacklisted ones in the pool for customers. I also got to hear first hand about the feds knocking of their door because of the terrorist websites and servers they were hosting.

Keep in mind both incidents were a few years ago and these were stories from different techs at different times, I wish I saved the e-mails and PMs I had, they were actually pretty humorous how they described things there.

Still not as bad as SagoNet's contractors picketing outside the data center or the company that walked in and ripped all of the environmental monitoring off the walls because SagoNet refused to pay and the night shift didn't notice until the day shift asked what the wires sticking out of the walls were for.

I actually work with somebody here in Denver that worked for SagoNet years ago and he had some crazy stories but enough of Sago for now. :)

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Oh the HiVelocity stories I've heard from Hivelocity techs, not as bad as the SagoNet stories though but I would be very afraid to use any IPs from them. ;)
@KuJoe I don't know about that, I doubt that it can be any worse than using Ubiquity.


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If you are curious about a provider and their IP-addresses, then just open a ticket and get in touch with them.
Specify which one of their locations you are interested in as sometimes they may have their "own" addresses in one location and use a addresses provided by a third party at another.

Another thing to consider is just because a business has its "own addresses" and has a membership with a a RIR (such as arin, ripe,..) doesnt guarantee that they will be in business for the next few years.
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