Proxmox VPS & Cloud For WHMCS 2.0.1 – Now With Proxmox VE4 Compatibility!

We are delighted to announce that our Proxmox modules now support Proxmox VE4!

Proxmox VPS For WHMCS and Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS have been updated to let you enjoy a wide range of benefits that come with the latest Proxmox server version, including LXC virtualization and the practical ability to store full backup of VMs configuration. Check out the changelog to fully explore the possibilities offered by recently released stable version 2.0.1:


  • New Feature: LXC virtualization - Proxmox 4.0 and later only
  • New Feature: Create and store full backup of VMs configuration
  • New Feature: Add IP addresses list using CIDR notation
  • New Feature: Toggle discard disk - KVM only
  • New Feature: Enable numa - KVM only
  • Improvement: Choose new processor types - KVM only
  • Bug Fix: Upgrade KVM after clone
  • Bug Fix: Compatibility with custom template
  • Bug Fix: Access to VNC Console in WHMCS V5
  • Bug Fix: Resolved issue that was the cause of Strict Standards warning

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