Proxy Security Anonymity Rating / Rank / Checker


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I am working on another tutorial with emphasis on moving forward in a more secure manner for folks.

Slow going perfecting what I am.

Basic piece involved in Squid and/or other web proxies you run yourself on save a VPS.

Part of this is to forge details and make anonymous/mask certain leaky pieces --- like your browser info which is really a sophisticated fingerprint exposed via simple Javascript.  All browsers to date leak this info.

Is anyone aware of any proxy analysis tools / sites that rate, rank, check such for certain / any issues?  Not looking for simple is the proxy public accessible, but real useful stuff.

Anything come to mind?


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The most I ever used was OpenVPN with DNS going through the VPN as well.  Unfortunately I'm not too resourceful with what you're asking (and my Google Zen is not as powerful as yours).  

This is probably the best I have at the moment, a DNS Leak test:
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