Quadrupled my money on, share your best sale


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I've never really been one for the domain game; if I own a domain I had an idea for it at some point (which is sad, looking at this list of domains).

I cold-emailed the owner of and purchased for $40 to be the launch of my roommate's son's personal training business. He never really showed motivation behind discussing the idea so I've been debating what to do with it, leaning toward some form of online education.

I get an email today asking if I was interested in selling (I had it on landing pages with an outrageous price of $1k - no rush, maybe some sucker will click). We settled at $250 and they gave me as well, which I like much better for an academic concept (their is fitness).

Not my most profitable venture by any means but definitely my most profitable undeveloped domain sale!


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Uh, just so you know, $250 isn't 4 * $40, it's closer to 6 * $40. You sextupled your money, not quadrupled it :p.


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Nice. I usually flip domains on WHT.

I don't ask low prices, but also don't do outrageous prices either. Just sold a couple weeks ago for $500. Bought it unregistered, normal registration price. Did nothing for a couple months and flipped it. Got a good price selling and as a bundle too :)


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I haven't sold it yet, but will probably be my best sale when finished, since I rarely sell domains anymore.

Back in the day, round 2005 I made quite a bit of money on NamePros buying and selling domains and such.