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How would I setup the DNS cluster correctly with the different modes?

We have cns1, cns2 and a main server.  What should I set the two NameServers as on the main server?  Alternatively, what should I set the main server to on each of the NameServers?


Synchronize Changes: All changes made on this server will propagate to any server in the cluster that is linked to this server. Synchronization is one-way: changes made on another server will not propagate to this server unless Synchronize changes is selected on the other server as well.


Standalone: No changes made on this server will propagate to any other servers.


Write Only: This server will write changes to the remote server, but when this server loads zone files, it will not obtain zone data from the remote server.



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On the main servers:

cns1: Synchronize Changes

cns2: Synchronize Changes

On both name servers:

main server: Standalone

This should work :)
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