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I tend to upload a lot of images to my website to share with friends or for my own personal use but never liked having to click on each one directly, so I put together Quick Gallery! It really is quick and only consists of 2 files.

It allows you to upload multiple folders with images in them and it makes a little menu listing all of the folders as "albums." When you open an album it will list all your photos on the page, utilizing thumb.php to make thumbnails as well as cache the thumbnails if you choose to.



Quick Gallery can be found on GitHub as well as


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Nifty!  More donations to the vpsBoard git collection.

Give me a bit to catch my breath and this is something I'll be trying.


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Nice, I was actually looking for something like this recently.

I just tested it out really quickly but it is not working correctly for me (no images show up) and I do have PHP GD enabled. I'll have to do more investigating later.