Quick Reply Edit Post Feature Broken?


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Is the quick edit feature broken on this site? I seem to have to use the 'full editor' to edit a post. When I hit submit the little bar at the top of the page loads but doesn't show anything.


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^ I'm having this issue too.

Edit: It's quite spotty. It works, then doesn't.
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It's flaky for me as well... Sometimes it works and sometimes it just hangs there.

Using Chrome FWIW.


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FireFox here. I've noticed making any type of submission causes a "hang".


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Hm.  Could those who have these problems let us know next time it happens? (e.g. what time, what thread, and whatnot).  

Personally I haven't had any issues with this but it could also be permission issues.
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I've not had a problem yet with the quick reply box.  I've used it for every one of my posts so far.  Chrome.  No hangs or issues.


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This is a test.

EDIT: No problems here. I've had a couple minor reports of random isolated errors around the forum, but nothing in regards to the editing feature. Please let us know if this happens again and I'll go bug IPB support. =]
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Well the edit feature works if gone to by link but the ajax that seems to refresh the page doesn't always bring up the editing box.


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Had this problem constantly when using Google Chrome. Is why I stopped posting for a while. Still have it from time to time.