RamNode Acquires TrueVPS


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This message is to all TrueVPS clients. TrueVPS has been sold to RamNode LLC. We are excited to have the opportunity to welcome you to the RamNode community!

Over the next couple weeks, we will be migrating all of your VPSs to new hardware. We will be operating in the same datacenter and using the same IPs, so none of those aspects will change. We will be contacting you again prior to the migration.

For now, please continue to submit any support requests to the existing TrueVPS system. The owners of TrueVPS have agreed to continue offering support to existing clients until we have migrated everyone to our new RamNode hardware. Once that happens, we will redirect all support requests and control panel usage to RamNode's systems.

We are a US company and we use USD for our currency. As such, we will be changing your payment currency to USD, but the cost should be about the same after exchange rates are factored in. In other words, we will not be intentionally changing your existing prices.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send an email to nick @ Feel free to join our IRC channel at #ramnode on as well.


Nick A. nick @ RamNode LLC Skype: RamNode Twitter: @RamNode


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I think this was the company announced a few weeks back or was that another NL based company?


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Is this the same company or a different one that was announced a month or so ago?


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Same one. All OpenVZ clients were moved over a while back. Still working on KVM.