Raspberry Pi 2 - Version 1.2 - upgrade to 64-Bit

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    May 16, 2013
    The revision 1.2 of the Raspberry Pi 2 has now a BCM2837 CPU with up to 900 MHz and includes 1 GB RAM.
    Looking at the Raspberry Pi 3 with it's 1.2 GHz, the main difference between them is the the WiFi and Bluetooth module.

    Some might think that this is a stupid idea, but their are some advantages:

    • RP2 on the same 64bit plattform
    • RP2 with the same amount of RAM
    • RP3 as an upgrade if someone needs Wifi and/or Blueooth (and UART issues)

    For me the Raspberry Pi 3 had two major issues:

    • Heat - looks like the > 1 Ghz need active cooling
    • First on 64 bit - not that good for software support

    Both checked with the new revision of the Raspberry Pi 2.
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    Mar 25, 2013
    I haven't been following the Raspberry Pi development for a while.

    Wasn't Raspberry Pi 3 released after Raspberry Pi 2?  Did they now release a second revision version or something?

    Lets say I want to get myself another Raspberry Pi.  Should I get 3 or 2 version 1.2?