Raspberry Pi alternatives? What do you guys think?


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I also ordered one of the Olimex devices to test it - A10-OlinuXino-LIME and it looks very good. I will consider making some micro servers from these, in addition to the Raspberry Pi.
Olimex is a great company I will buy one of the Olinuxino boards.

This is a beast for only 35€. SATA,native ethernet, 5V compatible and 160 GPIOs on four GPIO connectors!

Power managment is great:

A10-OLinuXino-LIME can be powered from three sources:
+5VDC voltage applied PWR jack
+3.7V from LiPo re-chargable battery connected to LiPo board connector
+5V applied to USB-OTG connector

Power consumption is as follows:

LiPo 3.7V power battery: 1.2W
+5VDC input power: 1.3W
Did not know that Olimex is building such nice peaces of hardware.

I know them for their AVR and MSP430 line.

Heck yet another plattform to play with.


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I'd wait a while on the Parallella - I'm an original kickstarter backer and mine has yet to arrive. They have at least started production a couple of weeks ago, but yeahhhh.

On a related note, I have an odroid-u3, and it's pretty nice. Not as cheap as it looks because power cable/case/(microsd|eMMC) aren't included, and you also really need the IO shield if you want to do electronics stuff, but still quite nice.
Have you by now received your Parallella board?  How is it?


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Best alternatives of Raspberry Pi are,
- BeagleBone Black
- UDOO Dual Basic
- Radxa Rock2 Square
- NanoPC-T1
- MinnowBoard MAX
- Cubieboard4