VPS Special | 2xIntel Xeon E5 | Starts EUR 10 | 1Gbps | LOC: NL

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    Redswitches Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are hosted on high availability nodes and KVM virtualisation makes sure that you never have to share the resources that you pay for. Your virtual server is completely customizable and lightning fast, thanks to high-quality xeon processors and solid state drives (SSD). Get world-class hosting for an unbeatable price.

    Our Specialty
    Feel the power : KVM virtualisation ensures true VPS isolation, so that your dedicated resources are never shared or allocated to others.

    Deploy in seconds: RedSwitches offers instant provisioning for VPS to get your server up and running within seconds!

    Keep your data safe: Our RAID 10 storage combines the high speed performance of RAID 0 technology with the redundancy and backups of RAID 1.

    Choose your VPS plan:
    2 x Intel Xeon E5
    2 Cores @ 2.2 GHz
    RAM: 4 GB DDR4
    HDD: 35 GB SSD
    Port: 1 Gbps
    Bandwidth: 5 TB

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    2 x Intel Xeon E5
    3 Cores @ 2.2 GHz
    RAM: 6 GB DDR4
    HDD: 50 GB SSD
    Port1 Gbps
    Bandwidth: 8 TB

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    2 x Intel Xeon E5
    5 Cores @ 2.2 GHz
    RAM: 8 GB DDR4
    HDD: 65 GB SSD
    Port: 1 Gbps
    Bandwidth: 10 TB

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    2 x Intel Xeon E5
    6 Cores @ 2.2 GHz
    RAM: 10 GB DDR4
    HDD: 80 GB SSD
    Port: 1 Gbps
    Bandwidth: 15 TB

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    2 x Intel Xeon E5
    8 Cores @ 2.2 GHz
    RAM: 12 GB DDR4
    HDD: 100 GB SSD
    Port: 1 Gbps Port
    Bandwidth: 20 TB

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    Full VPS Feature List:

    Resource Allocation via KVM virtualisation

    Root access for full customization

    Raid 10 Storage for redundancy and performance

    Complementary migration assistance

    Instant provisioning for immediate access

    Upgrade your VPS without service interruptions

    24/7 technical support



    1. Do you offer an uptime guarantee?
    Our network connectivity also meets the highest standards - 99.9% network uptime guaranteed with our Service Level Agreement. Given our 24/7/365
    functionality and congestion-free network, we provide you with the fast and smooth service you demand.

    2. Is it possible to start off with a monthly plan and later switch to a yearly plan?
    Yes, This is absolutely Possible.

    3. Do you provide refunds after the server has been ordered?

    No, We do not provide any refunds on servers, Please get all your quarries cleared before hand.

    4. What methods of payment do you offer?

    Redswitches accepts all major credit & debit cards along with Moneybookers(Skrill),Paypal,Alertpay(payza),International Bank Transfer,Bitcoins.
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