Robert Clarke / ServerCrate Swatted?


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Crazy thread on LET says Robert Clarke owner of ServerCrate had a swat team show up at his place today.

Seems someone fake called it in.

Someone care to shed some light on that?  


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Yeah that Ryan Cleary reappeared on LET and started the thread.  Same fellow in spitting war with Joepie over Zpanel security.

Someone posted (elsewhere) a nasty hack on Cleary claiming he into child porn and closing Zpanel:

Take it the Zpanel + Cleary + Joepie have something to do with the LET hack and other random stuff today.

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21:49:39 <~Delta> hey Rob!

21:49:40 <~Delta> how are you

21:49:46 < RobertClarke> Not that good tbh.

21:49:56 <~Delta> what's up?

21:50:02 < RobertClarke> Swat team burst down my door earlier

21:50:03 <~Delta> i saw some kids attacking random websites again

21:50:07 <~Delta> what, lol

21:50:11 < Daiziniko> LOL

21:50:17 < Daiziniko> ROBERTCLARKE hows the police!

21:50:19 < Daiziniko> LOLOL

21:50:23 < Daiziniko>

21:50:26 < Daiziniko> lol

21:50:34 < RobertClarke> God damnit they're here too

21:50:35 < RobertClarke> O_O

21:50:48 < RobertClarke> Go

21:50:48 < RobertClarke> Away

21:51:17 < Daiziniko> so, how was that good ol' swat team?

21:51:34 < RobertClarke> gtfo

21:51:51 < Daiziniko> No.

21:51:54 < Daiziniko> I'm asking a question.

21:52:09 < Daiziniko> if you want, I can have them take over another gov website(i know whos doing it BTW)


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Yeah, he's probably been framed. Kind of unbelievable what people would do to others. 


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probably been framed
Probably? Do you think that he could actually hack those sites, let alone be so much a retard to put a picture of himself on it? If he *did* do it, well he would be on one of the world's dumbest criminals show. 


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I figured he was being framed, but I'm not that familiar with him other than he is fairly young.


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Interesting, thanks.
Yep, I think the main thing that makes people want to target him is that he draws too much attention to himself and they are either jealous / butt hurt or just think he is an easy target. 


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To be fair to the lad, he's spent his youth more wisely than many his age do these days; it seems the majority of kids are content to amuse themselves by sitting on Xbox Live all day and being abusive to everyone, or playing music loudly from the back of the bus just to annoy me.

I still wouldn't buy anything from him because I'm not convinced he's mature enough to run a service that can be relied on, but go on him for giving it a go all the same, even if it probably is funded by his parents.