Routing my incoming traffic through my vps


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Hello Noob here. I have  vps on windows and a webserver on windows server 2008 and i wanted a quick solution for routing my incoming traffic from my ftp and website through my vps hiding my server IP can someone point me in the right direction here. i familiar with openvpn ssh/ssl etc but all failed attempts :(


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This guide I got from google looks right from what I remember:

Then use the forwarding rules from buyvm's GRE article (or from anywhere, really) and you should be pretty set.

If you are using ftp passive mode, you'll have to forward the passive range separately (after figuring out what range your ftp server uses).  --dport accepts a range, so you can use --dport 32000:32500 to capture all of the ports between 32000 and 32500. If you are not using ftps, I would use a "-m conntrack --ctstate RELATED" clause to match those connections as well (which may blow fxp away).

If you get to the iptables part and are still having trouble (but can connect from the pptp VM to your windows server), come back and post the iptables rules you're using here and you'll probably get good feedback on it.


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@cbw2000, Not entirely sure what your goal is, but another option is just to forward the specific ports to your home server.  A few options for this are:

1. Lamefwd  

2. redir  - on Debian "apt-get install redir" on other distributions I think you need to find the RPM 

redir is for single ports while lamefwd will allow more.

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Definitely need more clarification on this need.

So you have a remote VPS and a computer which is local to you (at home).

You want to advertise the public VPS address and have that magically pipe the traffic invisibly over to your home computer right?


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Assuming what I just posted in the situation, you could simply install Nginx on the remote VPS and enable reverse proxy for both HTTP and FTP.

Beyond that, if you require all traffic, then something more exotic like a tunnel combined with iptables rules is probably the route to go.