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Warning with this guy, he is a scammer.
He has published offers several times in this forum and others also dedicated to hosting and the Internet. Seemingly attractive offers but in the end they are scams to scam people.

I purchased a reseller account and charged my credit card with an unauthorized payment. The account never worked, ... he never paid attention to my support tickets and in the end I demanded a refund according to his legal rules. I finally contacted him by chat and he assured me that he would refund the fraudulent charge on my card and also the fraudulent one. of the account that never worked, ... but I'm still waiting and it is impossible to contact him.

Fortunately, there has not been a lot of money, but this is only to warn the community so that they do not fall into the clutches of these scammers.

I enclose a caption of the chat where he tells me that he will refund the amount.

This guy has several web pages offering these services and I would bet he is also using illegal licenses, which of course I will report to cPanel.

Far as I know:


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A reliable partner is a must in any business. It is very important to find a secure one. The reseller program is not an exception. Wish your future collaboration will be the best!