Secondary DNS & Secondary MX Service and Rsync/PostgresBackup hosting


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Hello All

I am looking to add

  • Reseller type Secondary DNS Servers & Secondary MX Servers to a small biz hosted on a vps, only using lot of domains & subdomains, even though collective data usage should be below 1TB/month, way below for the next year so so. I could grab a couple of low cost vps and do it myself, but I do not wish to manage it. Something that gives me a web page or better still a script based updation. Billing not to be on number of domain/subdomains as the user is a domain hog, even if he does nothing or little with them.
  • An unmanaged vps for backup. Rsync & Database live replication. Low cost, reasonable RAM especially needed for postgreSQL & mysql db online replication for various clients. Open to various service level options and pointers to issues. I will manage this myself.
Pointers welcome. Newbie at this.




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Please send me a PM or an email, I believe that I'd be able to work something out with you for this!