Seeking Customer Service and/or L1 Support employment

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    Mar 8, 2013
    Unfortunately, due to my previous employer downsizing staff myself and several others were laid off last month. I am now seeking employment in the industry that I love. I have a solid work history and great references both from my most recent employer and other past employment and am seeking employment with an established company that I can grow with.

    So, what can I do for your company?

    • I'm a customer service extraordinaire. I once was rated the highest for my responses and resolutions to Customer Service tickets at my previous employment. I do not like "cookie cutter" responses and take pride in writing out detailed responses that not only touch base on the concerns expressed by the customer, but also touch base on likely follow up questions they may have.

    • Basic support related tasks for cPanel/WHM servers and common tasks for VPS customers. This includes the creation of, management and troubleshooting of cPanel/WHM accounts as well as the setup/configuration of newly deployed cPanel/WHM servers. Items such as installing SSL Certificates for customers and/or 3rd party plugins that they may need for their cPanel/WHM server (Fantastico, Softaculous, CSF, RVSitebuilder, Etc) are all what I consider 'basic tasks' that I am comfortable with.  I am very comfortable both with cPanel/WHM as well as SolusVM.

    • I'm no stranger to Live Chat and can easily multi-task while assisting multiple customers at once. Over live chat I can provide pre-sales support to offered services as well as general customer service and basic technical support. If assisting multiple customers at once and a matter is brought to me that requires more attention than possible to give at that moment I will create a detailed ticket on their behalf so that the issue/concern is properly logged in the system and can be resolved promptly.

    • I am a very detail oriented and master of 'damage control' and handling upset or problematic customers. I always research their entire history with the company before responding their tickets which allows me to receive a glance at their 'big picture' by reviewing their past tickets, complaints, and general history with the company. I am very understanding and sympathetic to concerns customers express, but can be very professionally stern and to the point when required as well.

    • I can and will happily assist with abuse complaints as well. I take enjoyment in stopping spammers, fraudsters, and stopping phishing sites from having a negative impact on the web. I am also very good at the manual review of new orders and the detection of suspicious and/or fraudulent accounts that may pass your existing hands-off automatic fraud screening (Maxmind).

    • I'm an avid note taker and take advantage of these features in both WHMCS and Kayako or elsewhere. Leaving notes on tickets allows other staff to quickly understand what the issue is without reading the full length ticket history or can contain important information that will be required by other staff. Leaving notes on client accounts allows staff to know past issues that customer may have faced, for example, or can indicate such things as that customer having been warned in previous tickets about particular abuse related issues.

    So, why should you consider hiring me? I am a loyal and hard worker. In my previous job I had turned down several other offers that were presented to me out of loyalty for the company I was already working for. At this point in my life I am seeking a career, not just a job. I want to grow with a company that I believe in and not jump ship just because something potentially better comes along. I am also very familiar with commonly used software such WHMCS, Kayako, SolusVM, cPanel/WHM, and LiveChatInc which can be expected from someone like myself who has worked in the industry for a number of years.

    The most ideal situation for me would be a remote position as I live in a comfortable area and work very well alone and from home. Non-remote position offers I will entertain however it is very difficult to uproot and relocate across the country for a new job. While I support start up companies and entrepreneurship, I do not have an interest in working for a start up company unless it's owned by a larger and already well established parent company.

    I am available day or night, any shift. I had worked 1st shift, 2nd shift, and 3rd shift all with my past employer (Not all at once, of course. My shift changed several times during my employment) and can work any day of the week as well. It should also be noted that I keep vpsBoard and work separate. I can not represent any particular brand on vpsBoard and can not be convinced to do so. :)

    For offers and/or leads, please feel free to respond or send me a private message.