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I'm currently in the planning stage of starting a small "local" webshop, and I'm now trying to figure out what my hosting options are.

I currently have a VPS from a local host, installed with VestaCP, hosting my own blog/websites, mail etc. all low traffic..

But, when it comes to running a billing panel, I'm kinda green.. I'm currently testing out Blesta on a dev VPS..

Would it be OK to host it on my VestaCP VPS? Or should i buy another one just for billing (and not running a hosting panal)?

Or should I rent a dedicated IP and just use that new IP for the billing panel on the VPS i allready have? And firewall block everything else on that new IP?

I also wonder if someone are willing to share how they are doing it..

Any other tips you guys could give me on hosting a billing panel would be highly appreciated! :)


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Honestly in my own opinion, I'd get a dedicated server (perhaps a low-powered atom?) for your billing panel and lock it down good.  That separation from VPS and other clients would be really good thing you'll want to have.

If you really want a VPS for this, then get a KVM (or Xen HVM) VPS with a provider you trust.  Putting your billing panel on an OpenVZ VPS isn't the best way to go with that unless you really trust your provider.  While KVM and Xen HVM doesn't make it bulletproof, it does give you more control over security than an OpenVZ VPS.  

Each billing panel has their own tutorials on how to lock it down with the basics.  But remember, most of those docs don't consider server-side security (which means, again, you should lock that down).  I'd also limit access to the admin panel side to a certain set of IPs (perhaps a VPN?).  

Anyways, don't host it on the same VPS as your clients.  Especially if you're putting another software/layer on top of it (VestaCP).  You don't want that.  
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