[SERVERUM] New company! 1GB - €5/m on OpenStack KVM + SSD + Firewall + Backups


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Greetings fellow community members!

New company here - Serverum. Former vstoike/veesp employee (+one more not so former) starting our own project.
Currently we are on collocation in VEESP DC (RU) while we are building our own in EU (LV)

What we have to offer at the moment:
KVM based VPS servers on Openstack platform with backups and firewall

CPU: 1 vCore
SSD: 25 GB
Bandwidth: 100 Mbps
Traffic : Unlimited
Locations : RU (EU coming in 2019Q2/Q3)
Price : €5/month

Backup price: €0.1 per GB (25GB VPS backup price - €2.5)
Firewall price: free of charge

Templates :
Centos 6/7
Ubuntu 16/18
Debian 8/9
FreeBSD 11
Arch Linux 2018
Gentoo 2018

Hypervisor hardware - Xeon E5-2680v2 (2.8 Ghz per core) + SSD in RAID10

We accept: bank cards (visa/mc/union/amex) and most online-banking services in EU, paypal, coingate (most of the well know cryptocurrency), webmoney, alipay, qq, amazon pay, yandex money.

Looking glass

2019Q2/Q3 - starting own DC in EU (LV), new vps location + cloud(IaaS) + dedicated server rent (reasonable prices)

P.S. Be gentle please :D


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Right now Serverum have got a special offer!
OVPS Go KVM VPS for just 1$
- 1 vCPU
- 1 GB of memory
- 10 GB of SSD storage
- 10 Mbit/s unlimited
All email ports (25,465,587) are blocked.
Order! Limitted quantity