Setting up IPTables rules


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I'm new to linux and recently installed Linux Mint on my computer.  On Windows 7, I have a very good firewall that I trust and use on all my computers.  As far as I know, for linux, the firewall is built into the system and we only have to set up these "ip tables" rules?  What kind of rules should I implement?  The more secure the system the better.  I am using LInux as a bare-bones system for now. 



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The best way to secure your firewall is simply to drop ALL inbound connections that are not whitelisted. For example you might whitelist a port you want to be open but all others will remain closed.


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If you're also looking for a simple and relaxing way to set these rules up; (as opposed to doing it the "hard and manly" way :)
then I suggest that you install webmin and just click your way through the 'network -> linux firewall'-section.

And then, if you feel you should tighten it up even further, still while laid back; you can look for pre-configured iptables rule-files.
There's always tons of people competing, looking to have the tightest possible firewall setup.


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If you are starting out, use Webmin's GUI interface for configuring iptables. It's easy to use and you'll learn how it works as well.

Then do as root:

# service iptables save

Open and read /etc/sysconfig/iptables (RH based Linux flavors)


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IPTables can become a mess if you don't know what you're doing.  I agree with the others, try managing it with a GUI like WebMin.