Shockwave even worse than Flash


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I checked what Adobe released with the last patch to find out whether the version of Shockwave that the company released has all Flash wack-o-os fixed. Turns out, it’s still bad behind. The version of Shockwave released bundles the Flash runtime, a version of Flash that Adobe released in February 2015. It lacks fixes for a whopping 155 vulnerabilities in Flash that can be used to backdoor any computer running it.

Please uninstall Shockwave Player:

This is a test side to check if Shockwave Player is installed:


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Flash was Shockwave's replacement since about 2009, and now Html5 is now the replacement for Flash.
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I had almost forgotten its existence, good times those games with shockwave... But fortunately, now there is HTML5. :)


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Man I haven't used Shockwave since....

A long time ago.  It was always for those online games I'd always play growing up.  

Those were the days! I remember playing games on Miniclip in the early 2000's.
Oh man there was this old tower defense game on miniclip that we used to play on our school computers.  
I remember playing something similar all the time at school. Along with a game where you shoot terrorists that always seemed to get me in trouble. lol