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Are you looking to start yourself your own successful web 
hosting company? Wondering how you're going to do it?
The easy solution is here: ShoveHost's World Class Enterprise 
Reseller Hosting.
ShoveHost is a forward thinking hosting company founded in 2011 by 
Michael Staake with a incentive in mind to provide industry leading, 
quality, and feature packed hosting services at competitive rates.
Now you may be thinking we're just one of those ordinary hosting 
companies, but truth is.. we're not! What sets us apart from other 
hosting companies is our primary focus on customer satisfaction and 
support. Unlike other companies, ShoveHost understands what it's like to 
be both the provider and the end user and works hard to ensure that our 
relationships with our clients is suitable for both us AND them! We love 
this industry, and more importantly we love our clients. We're here for 
the long run, and you can rest assured that ShoveHost will always be 
there for you.
But honestly, you don't just have to take our word for it, see what 
some of our clients have to say!

ShoveHost moved my sites 

over to my web hosting plan, made sure everything was working 100%, and 
also helped me set up my VPS. I am extremely impressed with the 
performance of the VPS - the performance is noticeably faster than my 
previous VPS host. It's amazing what a difference it is to host with a 
smaller company that actually cares about you and your online presence, 
unlike the big hosts that just want your money. ShoveHost also went 
above and beyond their obligations to help me set up Thunderbird with 
their "ShoveMail" Email Hosting system. Services I have with ShoveHost: 
Deluxe Web Hosting plan, ShoveMail Email Hosting (1 mailbox), and a 
Standard VPS. I'm definitely going to expand with ShoveHost and would 
not even think about switching. If my site grows enough I'll probably 
end up with a dedicated server which I'm sure would be as awesome as the 
other services. And I'll be transferring my domains to ShoveHost as well 
when they're up for renewal at my current registrar - I look forward to 
it! Something else worth mentioning is the Affiliate program that is 
available to all customers - 10% (recurring!) of all of ShoveHost's 
services. Anyway, sorry for the wall of text, and once again, Thank You 

- Matt

ShoveHost is amazing for me to run a decent minecraft server using  McMyAdmin! Little tip if your going to have a server and nothing else 

and using the VPS deluxe, set the ram usage to 2000 not any higher or the 
VPS may crash. Also make it a private sever for just for you 1-2 people 
or it may eat up your Bandwidth up like PacMan.
- Jake Spencer

And now that we've got you convinced, take a look at our reseller hosting plans!
Economy Plan
10GB Disk Space
1000GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Features
$20.00/month - Now only $16.00/month!
Coupon Code: Reseller20
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to order now!
Standard Plan
25GB Disk Space
2500GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Features
$30.00/month - Now only $24.00/month!
Coupon Code: Reseller20
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to order now!
Deluxe Plan
50GB Disk Space
5000GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Features
$40.00/month - Now only $32.00/month!
Coupon Code: Reseller20
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to order now!
Ultimate Plan
100GB Disk Space
10000GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Features
$50.00/month - Now only $40.00/month!
Coupon Code: Reseller20
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to order now!
Take a look at all the great features that we offer and learn more 
about our reseller hosting plans 
Have questions? Please by all means feel free to get in touch with us 
by emailing our sales department at [email protected]
or by submitting a ticket 
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 BBCode glitches fixed.

All of our servers use Intel E3-1270v2 server CPUs, along with WD RE4 enterprise disks. All network equipment is name-brand. So that qualifies as enterprise :)

World class? Well, our San Diego location has one of the best networks, and we do not oversell our servers, so you will enjoy some of the best performance available on a shared hosting platform.

When looking at our pricing please realize that our hosting is blazing fast, has rock solid reliability, helpful and responsive support, and our reseller hosting includes free WHMCS. 
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