Single Server Colocation – Los Angeles


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Single Server Colocation – Los Angeles

We have some extra space in our cabinet in QuadraNet’s Los Angeles datacenter facility and would like to offer the VPSBoard community a deal on single server colocation. Our cabinet features a 10gbps fiber uplink and a secondary 1gbps backup line that is ran to another floor of the datacenter. Additionally, we have 208V 3-phase power pulled into our cabinet.

Offer includes a /27 of IPv4 space and a /64 of IPv6 space.

Single server colocation (up to 2u)
100mbps port
5Tb of monthly bandwidth
bandwidth graphs available
1AMP 208V power
Package upgrades are available. Contact sales for a service quote, [email protected]

Extra IP Allocations
IPv4 /26 - $32/month
IPv4 /25 - $64/month
IPv4 /24 - $128/month

Please send me a PM in the forums or contact our sales department [email protected] for pricing or for more information.

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Is this still available?  The price is great but could I get a little more rack space or power, if I don't need the /27 of IPv4 addresses?  It's for a personal server so I only have a use for one ipv4 address, and really could get by with just ipv6.  Thanks.