Dedi Addict
Have any of you all used Siteleaf to build a website?  It's really a nice framework for building websites, blogs, portfolios... 

I'm playing around with it and it's quite easy to work with. This is the site I'm working on -

I've spent maybe an hour or two tinkering with it and I'm beginning to really enjoy it. It feels really good to work with as a web designer because you aren't constrained like many other CMS systems and it's very easy to implement your own code. You can use html, markdown or the API for Siteleaf. It also allows you to host on Amazon s3, Rackspace cloud, your own webserver (awesome!) and they also have free hosting for those who want to use it. Their free(beta) hosting is on Rackspace.  

Full review will come once I get my hands on it some more. :)