Slimming down a mail server


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I followed the Linode Library tutorial to set up email (replacing mysql with mariadb, and copying from another server where I had many of these changes already done - I was just moving the server).

My memory usage is sitting at 75MB right now - this isn't bad for a 256MB VPS, but I think I can do a lot better.

Right now, my memory hog is MariaDB. I use the lowendbox.cnf configuration, and while it helps mitigate some of the usage, I'd like to replace it with another system. It's hogging more than 50MB.

So, how would I do about replacing MariaDB? I'm using postfix and dovecot as in the tutorial.

Note: I need vanity email address and domains.
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Do you have innodb enabled? That might account for the memory usage.

I run a postfix/dovecot/mysql mailserver with about 150 users. Mysql uses about 14 MB RAM and averages about 1 qps.

Post your my.cnf and we can compare....