Spam/Replica Friendly Providers?


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Keep getting their promotional emails, and then I did some checks on where the emails were blasted and where the sites were hosted.

The owner with the email address ([email protected]) holds quite a number of domains, including but not limited to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Spamming servers:

Beelink? ( - entire range.
Ubiquity Servers ( - entire range.

Site hosters (could be reverse proxy):

Enzu (
InterServer (

There has been a few reports in Google indicating that there were indeed people who fell into their traps. I don't bother buying replica on branded goods, would you buy if you read those mailers?


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I never understood the replica websites, why would you want to deal with a probable scam when you could head to your local flea market/chinatown?


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Lots of dirt bag providers specialize in this niche --- providing services to these clowns.

I never understand the allure of buying a counterfeit anything.  Wanna-bes.