Special Netherlands Unmetered Dedicated Servers Offer ------- @ only $ 95.99/mo.

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    NousHost is based on the fast and reliable Linux and Windows operating systems. It is rigorously monitored 24/7 for any unusual activity and benchmarked continuously for its performance.

    Noushost 100Mbps Netherlands Unlimited Servers are connected with volume network. Choose wide range of server configurations counting from basic to hybrid processors. These Unlimited servers are suitable for applications, which require large amount of bandwidth. The Servers are most compatible for creating Gaming Servers, Websites with Large Traffic and Databases. Whether you prefer a Windows server or Linux, We deliver dedicated servers for every major operating system.

    ******Windows/Linux OS Varient New High-Powered Hardware Premium Network Line Addons Facilities 99.89% Uptime Gurantee Setup Time: 1-72 Working Hrs******

    Pricing that makes sense
    The Ultimate In Power, Performance, & Control.

    VPS PLAN 1

    MODEL : Dell R210-II / Xeon E3-1230 1x Intel Quad-Core
    RAM : 32 GB
    HDD : 4x4TB SATA
    BANDWIDTH : 100 TB
    COST : $95.99/mo.
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    VPS PLAN 2

    MODEL : Dell R210-II / 2 x Intel E5620 Quad-Core
    RAM :32 GB
    HDD :8x2TB SATA
    COST :$115.99/mo.
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    Control Panel Addons
    cPanel Dedicated License$34.50/mo.
    DirectAdmin Dedicated License$12.99/mo.
    Parallels Plesk(10 Domains) $19.00/mo.
    Parallels Plesk(100 Domains) $25.50/mo.
    Parallels Plesk(Unlimited Domains) $32.00/mo.

    Additional Addons
    Windows 2008 R2 Web Edition $15.00/mo.
    Windows 2008 R2 STD Edition $24.00/mo.
    CloudLinux $14.00/mo.
    1 IP Address $03.50/mo.
    2 IP Address $07.50/mo​

    payments options: Paypal / Payza / Perfect money / Web money.

    Contact us: [email protected]

    Email id's: [email protected]

    Noushost home page: https://www.noushost.com

    Thank you