SSD Special in CustodianDC, Kent, UK - £5/month

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    May 18, 2013
    Hi all,

    As part of my consultancy business, I offer small-scale web hosting services. I have been managing web services for about 8 years now, and operating this specific, financially stable sole proprietorship for around a year and a half. You can be certain that when you're dealing with me, you get a no-nonsense approach from someone suitably knowledgeable.

    Owing to a few cancellations, I have some space in CustodianDC in Kent, UK. These OnApp/KVM VMs will be placed on an Intel 520 SSD RAID10 server on a great network (AS50300). This is a quality offer at a great price.


    • 5GB SSD
    • 768MB RAM
    • 250GB Bandwidth (100Mbps port)
    • 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6

    • £5 per month or £12.75 per quarter
    I can also add a number of other "extras", including:

    • Extra IPv4/v6
    • Extra disk space @ £0.90/GB
    • Extra memory
    • Use of OnApp's federated CDN
    • Anycast DNS - FREE!
    • System management - £40/month
    • System management with full service monitoring - £50/month
    Any questions, and to order please shoot me an email first. I create all hosting orders manually, though of course they are billed automatically.


    Email: jh[at]