SSD VPS 2x AMD Ryzen 9 | 4GB RAM | 50GB SSD NVMe Storage | IPv4 | Snapshot Backup | Windows included - £29.99 a year! - Powerful Box


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Finland Special Limited Edition
2x3.2Ghz AMD Ryzen 9,
50 GB SSD NVMe disk space,
Unlimited Traffic 1Gbps port 100Mbps guaranteed,
1 IPv4 address,
24x7 UK based Support.
£29.99 a YEAR-- Order SSD VPS hosting from Finland now!

• Snapshot backups included.
• Windows Included.
• Reboot, Reinstall or configure VPS.
• Low cost DirectAdmin licenses.
• Anti DDoS Protection included!
• Over 16 different Linux & Windows distributions to deploy.
• Super Fast SSD RAID Storage, on London, UK nodes.
• Guaranteed Hardware Resources.
• Upload your own ISOs.
• Instant Deployment
• UK Support.

Payment Methods
• PayPal.
• Credit or Debit Card.
• Bitcoin.

Why choose Powerful Box?
Our average uptime is 99.99% and have nodes that have achieved over 320 days of uptime and counting with a service level agreement of 99.95%. Our SLA also includes two hours response for support tickets but our average response time is 23 minutes. We are also generous with our shared hosting Cloudlinux limits. with optimized configuration on blazing fast servers. For people who use our VPS services they a get free Windows license, free IPv6 addresses, free snapshot backups and low cost discounts across arrange of other licenses and services.

We are also happy to support our customers via live chat, however this is only if we have the time available and people that are using our management services get priority.

Have you got a test IP / Looking glass?
UK IPv6 IP: 2001:41d0:800:2254:0002:0002:007d:94a1
UK Looking Glass:

Finland IPv4 IP:
Finland Looking Glass:

What Operating Systems are available?
| CentOS 6.9 | CentOS 7.5 | CentOS7.6 | CentOS 7.7 | CentOS 8.1 | Ubuntu 17.10 | Ubuntu 18.04 | Ubuntu 18.10 | Ubuntu 19.04 | Debian 8.0 | Debian 8.7 | Debian 9.4 | Debian 10 | Windows Server 2008 Standard | Windows Server 2016 Standard | Windows Server 2019 Standard | Windows 10 Pro | Fedora 19 | Fedora 20 | Fedora 21 | Fedora 27 | Suse 12.3 | Suse 13.1 | Suse 15.1 |Scientific 7.1 | Scientific 7.4

We also have a few turnkey ISOs available, and you can upload your own ISO image from our client area.

What is your refund policy?
We have a 7 day, no questions asked full refund policy. This is excluding our Lowend VPS range, which you can find more information about in our terms of service.

Can I upgrade my hardware resources?
Yes, you can upgrade your CPU, RAM and hard drive limits as well as order additional IPv6 addresses for free or IPv4 addresses for £1 a month, click here to see prices.

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