Staying connected to two VPNs at the same time?


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I've got to use a VPN for work, or I can't access any of the backend or staff stuff. But it doesn't impact my regular browsing, GeoIP tool right now would, for example, show my home IP. Though if a do a traceroute to a server at work, it'll appear as if it was started from the VPN and not from home.

Now, I'd typically tunnel my traffic to a remote server via SSHuttle or a regular PPTP VPN, but it does not appear I can be connected to the work-VPN and a personal one at the same time.

I can start SSHuttle before, then connect, no errors until I try to login to stuff and get denied. I can start SSHuttle after, same deal.

I can start my personal VPN before, then connect, same deal as above. Switch it around, still no go.

It's not a huge deal, but it'd sure be nice to be able to secure my local connection as well when just browsing the web regularly.

Any ideas on how to complete this?
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You can use firewall settings to route programs through specific virtual nics... don't remember how though, did it for dual-VPN ages ago.


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See if you can use sshuttle's -x option for each subnet routed by your work vpn. The manpage for sshuttle seems to indicate it isn't very bright about what to proxy and what to pass through.

You can get a list of subnets added by your work vpn by checking /sbin/ip route show before and after starting/stopping your work vpn.


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With PPTP / L2TP / windows native VPN types - If you untick the default route option in the VPN (See: - step 9) you can add manual routes using the windows route tool to your work subnet.
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