Survey: What's really going on in the hosting/VPS/Cloud market?


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Hi Guys,

Creating this thread with Curtis' permission :)

We've created a short survey at OnApp, to ask your thoughts on what is really happening in the service provider marketplace. It's short, and shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes to complete, asking you a few questions about what you're seeing in your niche. The data will be presented during Ditlev Bredahl's (OnApp CEO), keynote at World Hosting Days in Germany. If you're not attending WHD, a recorded version will be made available. We'll also be creating another assets as the data allows.

Full disclosure: if you do leave an email address, you are entered into our CRM. You can easily unsubscribe, so no worries there.

Would love to have everyone take the survey, and gain your thoughts and insights into what you're seeing.

Survey link:

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