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I found this pretty nifty Linux/Windows/OSX Application the other night and thought I'd share it here with all of you. No I didn't make this, I just found it by browsing /r/sysadmins.

sysdig "A New System Troubleshooting Tool Built for the Way You Work"

Supports RHEL Based Distros, RHEL from 6, CentOS from 6, Amazon Linux, Fedora from 13, Oracle Linux from 6.

Supports Debian based distros, Debian from 6, Ubuntu from 10.04 and Linux Mint from 9.

Latest versions of Debian and Ubuntu include sysdig, though they recommend installing it yourself to get the latest and greatest.


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That's pretty awesome. If I can find some time later I may give it a whirl.


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This could definitely come in handy.  Surpised I didn't notice this one before.