Tactical VPS | KVM in Jacksonville, FL | Just come on and attack!


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                                                                                         Tactical VPS 

     Tactical VPS is offering KVM based VPS's out of Jacksonville, FL. We are utilizing Server Complete's facility @  800 Water St.  

                                                                                Test IP:

                                                                 Test Download:

                                                                   Looking Glass:

     Tactical VPS is a NEW company. The company was formed in August of 2013. Yes we are a one man show! But our business is based on 3 core values Honor, Courage, and Commitment. The company takes these values very seriously and strives to bring those values out when providing services to our customers. 


Fire Team Based Attack: 256 megs of ram, 10 gigs of disk space, 300 gigs of bandwidth @ 100 mbits: Only $1.75/month

Order Link:

Squad Based Attack: 512 megs of ram, 20 gigs of disk space, 600 gigs of bandwidth @ 100 mbits: Only $3.00/month

Order Link:

Platoon Based Attack: 1 gig of ram, 30 gigs of disk space, 900 gigs of bandwidth @ 100 mbits: Only $5.00/month

Order Link:

All Orders are MANUALLY VERIFIED and APPROVED. Windows is available with bring your own license. Don't see a iso or template you need just ask!


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For what it's worth it's GoRack's facilities, not Server Complete. ServerComplete owns their own network (ala NodesDirect) but you are still housed within GoRack's datacenter space.

Best of luck with the business :)


Where is the beer!
Thanks for the correction! Its funny i got vps's with both of you'll! Once again i appreciate the words of encouragement!
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Sgt. Zinn, glad to see your business up and going soldier!

Nice low pricing.

PS: I like the name - Tacticalvps.


Where is the beer!
Thanks! I appreciate the support! Hahaha Yea Tactical just reminded me of being swift silent and deadly.  Thanks again!


Where is the beer!
For all the positive encouragement  people are showing, I would like to give away 5 vps's to give back to the community and to try out my services.  

             Ultra Low End Based Attack

             64 megs of ram

               5 gigs of hard drive space

             150 gigs of bandwidth @ 100 mbits 

Just pm me!