The First and Lowest End Indonesia Smart Server $49

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    WINNERvps is a trading name of PT. Exa Rekatek Prosolusi, established the business since 2006 and start focusing our business to be the first VPS Forex Provider in APAC since 2011 (under the trading name of

    We are also the first VPS Forex Provider in the world that occupy our own ASN and IP blocks (ASN 55664), announcing our registered IP addresses under our Company Name, being used in our NYC Data Centre, LA, SG, ID and many more to come. 

    As we are expert in delivering 100% powerful and high-tech VPS to Forex Customers, we believe that we can do the same with Non-Forex Clients

    Celebrate the Holiday's Season with us!!!
    Please use this coupon code upon checkout: CM-SMARTSERVER
    Only available through this link:
    The First and Lowest End Indonesia Smart Server
    Valid Period: 22 Dec 2016 - 03 Jan 2017 or while stock last!

    Core i5 - Smart Server
    Core i5 Quad Core 2500S (2.7 to 3.7 GHz)
    (4c/4t-6MB Cache-5GTs-VTx)
    Virtualization Ready
    Passmark Score
    Memory: 2 GB (up to 16 GB)
    HDD: 250 GB SATA (up to 2 drive bays)
    IP Address: /30 subnet (1 IP Address)
    IX / SG Bandwidth: 10 MBps IX / 100 MBps SG (Burst)
    US$ 49/mo US$ 70/mo | Get It Now

    Network Specification
    Indonesia: 1 GBps (through local peering IIX, OIXP and local Matrix IIX-3)
    Singapore: 1 GBps (through MCS-IX)
    International: 100 MBps (burstable)
    Test IP dan Looking Glass:

    BW ID - ID
    BW ID - Singapore 
    BW ID - West USA 
    Speedtest in Action

    Other Inquiries
    Brokers Latency:
    Test IP & Looking Glass:
    Terms of Service:
    Forex VPS Tutorial:
    Email us: sales [at]
    Phone / WhatsApp: +62-8577-1155-011
    Skype: winnervps
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