Tons of extra domains... Volume discounts, make offers!


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I have a lot of domains I don't need.

if you will need an EPP/transfer auth code to move to another registrar, remember that they charge you a year's worth to transfer, which is not included in the price of the domains. Of course, if the registrar supports it, and you have an accunt with them, an account push is fine (and free).

Payment via Verified PayPal only please, and I will send the auth codes, etc. to the email address on the PayPal account. If I have more than one extension of a domain the listed price is for all of them, not each separately.

For each domain you get more than one, you will get $2 off. So if you get five domains you get $8 discount. Multiple domains combined into one count as one domain... Prices are negotiable :)

Dynadot: - $5 - $30 - $50 - $5 - $5 - $5 - $5 - $5 - $50 - $10 - $7 - $35 - $15 - $15 - $5 - $10 - $65 - $5

Namecheap: - $30 - $20


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I'll take query layer[dot]com/net and resell dot [dot] com/net for $25. I'll need the EPP codes for both. PM me your paypal.