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Seeing as their are providers that post on here and not on LET I thought it might be a good idea to have a little poll here on VPSBoard.

You may vote for VPS providers AND Dedicated Server Providers.

Here's how it works.

- You may only post once in this thread.

- Pick your top three favorite hosts.

- Every vote for a host counts for 1 point so the total points for each host will decide their ranking.

- Providers - no voting for yourself. :)

Ready, Set, Vote!

EDIT: Voting ends July 15th at 8pm Pacific Time
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Backupsy - To be honest, I have yet to try backupsy, but I like what I see. 


CatalystHost - They've always been amazing. Great people with great services. 

Backupsy - A new host that has been growing incredibly quickly. They offer really cost effective backup solutions and a nice custom control panel. 

QuickPacket - I haven't been with them for very long, but so far I've been enjoying my dedicated server. 
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QuickPacket (for dedicated server)


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Who l am liking currently:

1. RamNode (using in both locations)

2. Prometeus

3. BuyVM (using Vegas)

I've been letting accounts sit and do what they are configured to do.

Honorable mention to Fliphost and 24khost.  I have storage services from them and neither are offering those these days (or are they?).

Like many, the next company I am giving a  try is Backupsy.


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Tough one really...

1.) BuyVM - For the price, I'm really impressed with the quality of service. I have 2X 256MB KVMs with BuyVM in their Las Vegas location, and subscribed to DDoS filtered IP. They've done a pretty damn good job at keeping vpsBoard up and running. Only issue would have been the Las Vegas power outage, though that can't be blamed on them.

2.) SecureDragon - Honestly, don't even use these servers as much as I used to. Don't know why. I should figure something to do with them, because they're great. 2 servers with them, one was being used in a DNS cluster and the other as a VPN.

3.) SouthbendVPS - An up and comer, I think. I'm located in Indiana, so I wanted a VPS close to home that I could use for a VPN. I love being able to support a 'local' business, not many options in the hosting industry when it comes to Indiana. Support is top notch, going out of there way to contact ME to see if previously reported issues have been resolved, etc. Shows they care about their customers and have gone above and beyond to resolve things. Also using Virtualizor (I think), not SolusVM, which some may see as a pro or a con. It doesn't impact me either way as everything I need to do can be done from WHMCS (stop/start/restart, rebuild, etc). A great alternative to Chicago, as South Bend is a stone throw away (less than 100 miles) from Chicago.


So far, impressed with BlueVM, ReverseHosting and DaringHost.... All for the price and what they are delivering, pretty nice...

Want to eventually try BuyVM
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