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Since I "discovered" it about a year ago, I've been a fan of the .am (Armenia) domain. It is relatively cheap ($50), is easy to register (no paper forms, no restrictions, actual registry *), and has a lot of domains available. For instance, I have attached a list of all two-letter .am domains available. I just purchased one, actually. To my surprise as I was checking, "" was available. So I registered it. I plan to use it as a convenience domain. For instance, will return the client's IP. will redirect to the Cachefly 100MB test file. Might even use it for some free subdomains and short URLs.

Anyway, it's an interesting extension and an interesting domain. If you've been on the hunt for a short domain, or just a relatively "empty" extension, you should check it out.

* It should be noted, the site linked submits a request to the official NIC, which can take several hours to approve your registration, but I've never had one turned down yet, even these short ones. Just good to keep in mind if you need your domain quickly.

.am domains.txt


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Well, whatever that is under $9 for a domain I'd consider, because I'm cheap and dirt poor, but there are some particularly great domain names in there like :) Free subdomain service? :p

D. Strout

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Remember, I said relatively cheap. Yes, gTLDs like .com and .net and such are really cheap, but most ccTLDs, especially the ones that allow sub-three character domains, are more expensive than $50. And then there's the factor of simplicity - a lot of ccTLDs are poorly managed, making it hard to actually get your domain.


Am I a fool for thinking these and similar extensions are not worth the money? I can't think of any use that would warrant getting one, besides making your URLs shorter or establishing a local identity. With all the existing services out there, it's not worth re-inventing the wheel and using it as a URL shortener. Then again, I might just be lacking imagination.
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If you don't need a 2 letter domain and 3 would work there are lots of .pw domains available. I have and


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I like your domain choices, I only seem to buy domains to protect my brand. And I have a domain base of 9 domains plus one I brought for my short links and just because it was available lol.
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