Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro-8 for Sale

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Hello All,

I've got a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro-8 for sale. 

It's in excellent condition and has hardly been used. 

It was colocated in London with Clouvider where it was used as a BGP router with a total of 4 peerings with full BGP tables on both IPv4 and IPv6. Despite initial high CPU load when the sessions were started it handeled everything I threw at it. 

Great router and would be suitable for a home, business or data centre network with a decent amount of traffic. Not tested myself but claims it can handle 8Gbps which from what I've seen so far I don't see why not. 

Comes with the basic spec as per Ubiquiti's site. This one is fitted with 2GB RAM. 

Here's a link to the data sheet. Look for the ERPro-8 https://www.ubnt.com/downloads/datasheets/edgemax/EdgeRouter_DS.pdf

I removed it for colo as I redesigned my network/server setup and saw some room to save money. 

I'm looking for £280 as this router is very new (used for less than a month) but I'm open to offers. 

I'm willing to ship to anywhere in the EU as long as you pay the shipping costs. 

It weights around 2.8KG all packaged, I usually round up when estimating so for the UK shipped next day via DX it'll cost £10 for 3KG. 

If your interested please PM me, I'll also be happy to provide a postal code for shipping estimates via PM for those who'd like shipping out of the UK. 

I'd be happy for you to collect in person but bare in mind I live in Mid-Wales. 

I'll accept PayPal, Bank Transfer (UK only) and cash (collection only)

If you need anymore info please don't hesitate to ask. 
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