Unlocked Chromebook users running Linux?


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Do we have any rogue Chromebook owners who have unlocked their device, installed real BIOS and a Linux OS they are using successfully?

Still shopping for a kick around small notebook for off grid and outdoors.   Chromebooks 13-14 with the 2955U processor have caught my eye as acceptable.  That is after ChromeOS is purged and the unit is BIOS flashed and real OS installed.

Any done this and how has the experience been?


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I'm running an Acer C720 11" w/ ChromeOS. I ran a dual boot for awhile & chroot a bit, but my needs were minimal and I restored it back to ChromeOS. With a few apps installed I'm able to manage most of my toy vps', but nothing major. I picked it up for $100 on CL and haven't looked back. My needs are minimal, secure shell and a few web based apps like sheets, drive, photo & pixlr and I'm done. This fits into my home use plan, server, htpc, laptops, tablets & phones ---> server/plex server & laptop & phones