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Who we are?!
vfxAlert is a full range of analytical instruments for trading. The official affiliate program vfxAlert has existed for 5 years, all this time we have been paying consistently and without delays. If you're already driving traffic to a broker, vfxAlert is the perfect way to monetize your binary and crypto traffic one more time.
How much do we pay?!
  • 70% from each sale, regardless of partner status
  • eternal cash

Why are we the best?!
  • We convert ALL binary traffic (even those who already have registrations with brokers).
  • We provide recurring payments from the users that buy the packages with recurring notifications in Telegram.
  • We work in any county with any broker: perfect match — vfxAlert signals + broker.
  • We provide the opportunity to withdraw the money in any convenient way (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer, QIWI, Yandex Money).
  • We create the qualitative advertising materials in different languages (in the partner’s account banners, landing pages, logos, screenshots, videos).
  • We show the detailed statistics on the sales channel in real-time.
  • We support and inspire 24/7.

Why do traders choose our signals?
  • We work in any country with any broker.
  • We share the strategies and other useful materials in our blog.
  • We give the possibility to test our signals in the free version.
  • We provide a wide selection of currency assets.
  • We give the possibility to trade cryptocurrency on weekends and holidays.
  • We solve the emerging issues 24/7.

Are you up for it?
We are looking forward to seeing you on our team! Join our vfxAlert affiliate program right now and start to make money with us!


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Hello everybody!

We have launched a beta version of the vfxAlert mobile application. This means that the promotion of signals became even easier!

No more restrictions! vfxAlert is available on all devices in all countries with any broker.

We remind you that all instruments of desktop application vfxAlert including the additional analytical instruments are available in the mobile version.

Now the users can receive the signals, analyze the market with additional indicators, follow the trade anyplace and anytime. And all this in one window with the broker straight on the trader's smartphone.

Tell your users that the work with the vfxAlert app became even more convenient and available!

If you are still not with us, join the vfxAlert affiliate program right now, and start to make money!


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Hello dear friend!

We updated the version of the vfxAlert app.

The new version has advertising messages for users. Also, we added messages about discounts for those who still didn’t obtain the PRO license.
It will help you to increase your conversion!

We remind you that we pay 70% from the purchase of PRO license to all partners regardless of their status and rating!

If you are still not with us, join
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Hello dear friend!

We are working on the new affiliate program. By the end of the year, the terms of the affiliate program will change, they will become even better.

We will add the following options:
  • Sub-affiliate. There will be an opportunity to attract the sub-partners.
  • New offers. Also, there will be the Forex signals and crypto signals.
  • Bonuses and competitions. More profit — more bonuses!

If you are still not with us, join and make money with the vfxAlert affiliate program.

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Hello friends!

Today we'll tell you how to drive traffic to binary options using Google Ads!
Is it really fantastic?!

Mobile application “VfxAlert. Tools for traders and investors” on Google Play

Make money with vfxAlert. We remind you about the highest RevShare on binary options! vfxAlert pays 70%

Run the ads for the vfxAlert mobile application! We put our referral link (the track link is already in the Promo of your personal account)


Of course, first, you test that the ad campaign is moderated! If you have any questions, then you write here - [email protected]

We are waiting for you in the vfxAlert affiliate program and wish you high profits!

Contact us:
[email protected]
Skype live:.cid.ab8ba376d7c65b0e


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Hello dear partners!

Today we'll talk about what traffic can’t be used when attracting to vfxAlert signals!

Motivated traffic

Motivated traffic is used by motivating users, rewarding them for their actions. We pay 70% RevShare of the purchase amount of a signal license. So, your users should be interested in buying vfxAlert signals, and not making a profit from the webmaster. This type of traffic to the CPA model will be unprofitable for both the webmaster and the advertiser.

It is forbidden to impersonate a brand

We have worked long and hard to create a positive reputation for our product, so it is forbidden to simply copy the site, groups in social networks, posing as vfxAlert. You can use our free advertising materials (banners, logos, landing pages, etc.) to promote our product with your affiliate link from your affiliate account.


We are always working on the development of the vfxAlert application: we update the site, implement browser extensions - all this is done to make it easier for webmasters to promote our product. So, the substitution of cookies is strictly prohibited.

Spam (email spam, push notifications)

In a mailing list, it is important to observe quality. The layout of the letter should be done competently and tastefully, the offer should provide the recipient with a benefit or support his loyalty, and the frequency of mailing should not exceed the permissible limits. If you often send emails to users that don't carry any informational benefit, you can cause negative emotions to the brand vfxAlert.

Cashback traffic

We are not a cashback service and we don't return part of the money for purchasing a license for vfxAlert signals. This type of traffic is prohibited in our affiliate program.

Use only legal types of traffic to promote vfxAlert signals. We wish everyone a profit!

Contact us:
E-mail: [email protected]
Telegram: @aff_vfxAlert
Skype live:.cid.ab8ba376d7c65b0e


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Traffic sources for vfxAlert signals

There can be a lot of user acquisition channels. Each has its own characteristics: ad formats (video, photo, text), cost, rules of use, target audience. Let's take a look at those that are applicable to vfxAlert signals and which give good conversions.

SEO and contextual advertising

Users from search engines are considered the most valuable and loyal audience, because advertisements are displayed for the requests of users who themselves are looking for what they want to buy.

  • Organic traffic. To get organic traffic, you need to optimize your site for key user queries. This is not fast traffic, it can take several months to get results on SEO promotion.
  • Contextual advertising. These are ads that appear in search results labeled "ads".

Traffic from social networks

Targeted advertising allows you to select an audience based on its age, interests, place of residence, activities, communities and other parameters. Large selection of ad formats (text ads, videos, stories). The most important thing for an affiliate marketer is to set up an ad campaign correctly.

  • Facebook. As a traffic channel, Facebook is very user-friendly. The site offers a variety of ad formats, a smart ad serving system, and the ability to pay after the fact. However, the topic “binary options” is banned from Facebook ads. Therefore, Facebook traffic can be sent to the vfxAlert mobile application, which is officially registered in the official stores Google Play and Apple Store.
  • Instagram. Instagram ads are launched through the Facebook ad account. The rules are the same as for Facebook ads.
  • Youtube is the highest quality traffic. Here you can create your own channel and pour traffic from it, buy ads from other YouTubers with a similar theme, or run a commercial.

Ad networks

An ad network is an intermediary between an affiliate who wants to buy an ad, a platform that allows this ad to be placed in the format the advertiser needs. The ad network is convenient because it is less nagging about moderation, it makes it possible to pour traffic from anywhere in the world to a specific target audience.

However, there are so many different advertisements on the ad network and you never know which ad will appear next to your ad.

  • Banner advertising. A picture banner that contains a hyperlink. By clicking on the banner, the user gets to the advertiser's website.
  • Native advertising. Banner with text accompaniment that pops up on the most visible part of the site. Usually, such an ad fits into the content of the site and does not irritate the user.
  • Push notifications. Small ads, in which the most important thing is original creatives: bright pictures, short text that attracts attention.
  • Popunder, clickander. The most annoying types of advertising, so we recommend using them with caution. These are pop-ups that open on top of a site page, or advertising messages that appear behind the main page of a site, or ads that open when a user clicks anywhere on the site. On the one hand, such ads attract attention, but they can also cause negativity among users.

Use different types of traffic to promote vfxAlert signals, insert your referral link into ad creatives and earn together with the vfxAlert affiliate program.

Contact us:
E-mail: [email protected]
Telegram: @aff_vfxAlert
Skype live:.cid.ab8ba376d7c65b0e


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Hello partners!

New users vfxAlert gives a discount of up to 30% on all PRO licenses in the first 2 hours after registration until December 31, 2021.

Tell your audience about the favorable terms from vfxAlert and motivate them to complete the purchase of a PRO license.

We remind you that we pay 70% of the purchase of a PRO license for signals.

If you are not yet with us, register at and join our telegram channel.

We wish everyone a profit!

Contact us:
E-mail: [email protected]
Telegram: @aff_vfx
Skype live:.cid.ab8ba376d7c65b0e