Video Games Thread o' Doom


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Yeah, I don't game that much and just like games that I can pick up and drop with ease:

Haha good call on the games.  I enjoyed Forza for a while.

Yeah... I felt the heat from the same thing.

No clue what my rank is in CS:GO. I mostly play against bots offline and friends in private games.

I just checked my and realized I got into the closed beta for HOTS (Blizzard needs to work on their notifications a little bit)! I'd played it last year when I was in Florida because we were staying with my wife's sister who's husband used to work at Blizzard and was in the very early alpha. :)
Ahh.  Yeah I've really got into the competitive rounds on CSGO.  Not doing too hot but hey, gotta get better somehow!  I really wish I got into the closed beta for HOTS!  I'd love to play it!  You sir are a lucky man!

Same here, I actually run some CooP servers in Canada, they're regularly full.
Yeah my Co-Op servers in LA, Japan, and Australia are regularly full as well.  It's really good stuff from a small studio!  


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God dammit. This reset has been the most brutal thing. I've never experienced so many legit feeders & trolls in my placement matches before.

I'm going to play league till I get gold just for the end of season rewards then likely run off to play Heroes of the Storm.

Yeah, I mainly stick to 3v3 :) - Ranked on 3v3 is only 3 premades.


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I wouldn't regard myself as a gamer, but I've harboured a secret addiction to Insurgency since last April. Fantastic game when the other players know how to play. 


When I'm not working I'll usually play a few games of LoL and also have spent a fair amount of time playing Wurm Online which is the original game notch worked on.


How are you all gamers enjoying your time in this pandemic? Which games are your playing? Let me start by myself. I am playing call of duty: Warzone which is pretty awesome free to play battle royale and is part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The game is enjoying a great reception by the gamers from all over the world with over 50 million downloads in the first month. If you like battle royale games then you should definitely play this one. Checkout this link to know everything you want before your start playing COD: Warzone.


Gaming has been a come and go thing over the last few years but:

Story based games I'm currently playing:

Red Dead Redemption 2
Assassins Creed: Odyessy
Assassins Creed: Valhalla

MMO Type Games:

War Thunder
Conqueror's Blade

Story based games take me awhile to finish, or I end up replaying something such as Mass Effect.