Virtwire aka NanoVZ is closing business


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As you may have already heard, VirtWire Global is shutting down, this was caused by many reasons, including those of our providers. Something which we choose not to go into for the sake of good sportsmanship, as well as an ongoing personal/family issue.We have had lengthy discussions with multiple providers to take over our nodes in various locations to build on what we have already created, but so far this has not come to fruit as we had hoped. One provider we have contacted is David from GestionDBI (AKA DeepNetSolutions) who has setup some servers in locations to cater for customers from VirtWire Global, Unfortunately due to the nature of the business where most of the plans we offer are purchased as Annual billing cycles, this has caused the issues for providers to jump on board to snap up our nodes.

Part of their email today.

Canceled all my vps some months ago, so no harm.

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I hadn't heard that, which is weird seeing how I have three active services with them. Doesn't surprise me, though, I was in their client area just yesterday and noticed they don't have any plans listed for ordering. Also doesn't surprise me because they did plans like 512MB for $5 per year.
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And another email:

Dear Virtwire NAT customers,

You will find below, some important information regarding the recent VirtWire closure announcement.

Gestion DBI staff will try to keep all servers from VirtWire (NAT only) up and running until September 23, 2016. We try to deal with some of their provider to maintain contract, but it's difficult to keep some of the location alive passed this date.

We then, suggest you to take a FULL backup of your VPS data prior this date, and we should say, As Soon As Possible!

As Ryan (VirtWire owner) said in his previous email, Gestion DBI offer a refugee plan. More information about this offer is available on our webpage.

You can also follow this thread on LowEndSpirit Forum to get the most recent information about this event:

Do not forget to take a backup of all your files as soon as possible to avoid any data loss. We can't guarrantee how long their server will be running after this email is sent out.

N.B: Billing extension offer will be valid until October 14, 2016. Passed this date, no more billing extension refugee will be offered.

From all our team, sorry for any inconvenience the VirtWire closure may cause you.

With our warm regards,

  • Gestion DBI Team